On the conclusion of the 146th Annual General Shareholders' Meeting

June 29, 2010

On June 29, 2010, the following agenda was proposed at the 146th Annual General Shareholders' Meeting. All agenda items discussed at the meeting were approved as proposed.

  • Appropriation of retained earnings

    A year-end dividend of ¥4.0 per share was agreed upon.

  • 12 directors appointed

    Ten members of the previous board of directors— Messrs. Michio Kariya, Makoto Kimura, Ichiro Terato, Kyoichi Suwa, Kazuo Ushida, Yoshimichi Kawai, Masami Kumazawa, Toshiyuki Masai, Norio Hashizume and Kenji Matsuo — were reappointed as directors. Messrs. Yasuyuki Okamoto and Koukei Higuchi were newly appointed. Messrs. Kenji Matsuo and Koukei Higuchi are external directors as defined by the Corporation law.

  • Retirement benefits allowance for retiring director

    It was determined to grant retiring Director Shunji Kono retirement benefits, pursuant to the Company's prescribed standards, for his contributions to the Company. The board of directors was assigned the responsibility of determining the amount, date and method of issuance.

  • Amount and details of compensation concerning Stock Acquisition Rights as Stock Compensation-type Stock Options for Directors

    It was determined that in the current fiscal year (147th term), stock acquisition rights in the form of stock options would be allotted to the Company's board of directors members (excluding external directors) as share warrants for the maximum annual amount of 72 million yen (not including interlocking directorates employee compensation) on the condition that the same amount of compensation claims as the amount payable and the amount to be paid upon exercise of stock acquisition rights are offset, within the allotment limit of 800 in number of stock acquisition rights.

The information is current as of the date of publication. It is subject to change without notice.