Nikon Introduces New Digital Microscope ShuttlePix P-400R

September 13, 2010

Tokyo - Nikon Corporation (Makoto Kimura, President) is pleased to introduce a new concept in Digital Microscopy, ShuttlePix P-400R.

The ShuttlePix P-400R is based on a new shuttle concept* allowing much easier remote inspection for samples, an idea which originally was considered to be too difficult for large scale products. This will allow not only Industrial applications to be the target but also an effective solution for many other practical, imaging problems.

The ShuttlePix P-400R will be exhibited at "IMTS 2010" (September 13-18, Chicago McCormick Place) and "25th Japan International Machine Tool Fair" (October 28 - November 2, Tokyo Big Sight).

  • *We can offer a style in which the P-400R can be used in a cordless way or as a system unit by adapting onto the Motorized Focusing Stand Controller.

Product Overview

Product Name Digital Microscope ShuttlePix P-400R
Availability from November 10, 2010
  • *Motorized Focusing Stand Controller (P-MFSC) from January 5, 2011
Hand-held example : P-400R
P-400R in combination with Motorized Focusing Stand Controller (P-MFSC) and Touch Panel Monitor (P-TPM)

Development Background

In the past, microscopes were used to inspect numerous samples such as Electronic and, moulded parts, and all Industrial materials. However in recent years, there has been growing demand to inspect parts and assemblies from Automobile, Boat, Airplane for both engines and airframe, plant pipe line and structures, Art work Restoration and conservation requires fine image recording and inspection without moving the sample.

The ShuttlePix P-400R allows the observer to inspect in a conventional way but also record samples that are difficult or impossible to observe under a conventional microscope. An object can be inspected on site and in it's correct position without any risk of damaging it.

Main Features

  • 1. Shuttle Style
    The ShuttlePix P-400R allows the removal from the Motorized Focusing Stand Controller providing the possibility to capture images under different conditions with cordless operation. By adapting the ShuttlePix P-400R onto the Motorized Focusing Stand Controller and in combination with the 17" touch panel monitor, image capturing can be easily completed.
  • 2. Easy Operation
    The ShuttlePix P-400R allows for simple operation, just like a compact digital camera. For this reason, even without experience or knowledge on how to use a microscope, the observer can easily capture fine images of the sample.
  • 3. Wide 20x Optical Zoom Covering from Low to High Magnification
    An LED illuminator is integrated with the ShuttlePix P-400R in a compact body with 20x Optical zoom lens. It is capable of observing a wide rage of magnifications between 20x-400x (*1) without the need to change a lens.
  • 4. Observation of All-in-Focus Image, 3D Image
    By attaching the ShuttlePix P-400R onto the Motorized Focusing Stand Controller, all-in-focus images can be created easily using the control buttons. Then by using a dedicated Application software, the creation of reports and 3D image observation, measurement is possible.
  • *1magnification on dedicated 17" Monitor

Digital Microscope P-400R Specifications

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Magnification 20x-400x (magnification on dedicated 17" Monitor)
Optical zoom ratio 20:1
CCD 1/1.8" color CCD
Total pixels Approx. 2.11Mp
Effective pixels Approx. 1.98Mp
Storage format TIFF, JPEG (Compressibility 3steps)
Storage media

SD/SDHC Memory Card

  • *Support up to 16GB
LCD Monitor 2.7" TFT LCD
Light source White light LED
Capable of choosing 4 illumination directions
Actual FOV Maximum diagonal field of view 20mm
Working Distance 29mm
Tool function Scale display

Motorized Focusing Stand Controller / Touch Panel Monitor Specifications

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Z axis stroke 150mm (Motorized control)
Maximum sample size


  • *Depends on combination with stage
Tool function All-in-focus, Measurement, Grid indication, Scale indication, etc.
Storage media USB memory
Display size Resolution 17" SXGA (1280x1024)

The information is current as of the date of publication. It is subject to change without notice.