High-definition Color Camera Head DS-Fi2
Standalone Camera Control Unit DS-L3

Greatly improved video performance, color reproducibility and ease of use

August 26, 2011

Nikon Corporation (President, Makoto Kimura, Tokyo) is pleased to announce the release on November 1, 2011 of new digital imaging products for microscopy. These are the DS-Fi2 high-definition color camera head and the DS-L3 standalone control unit.

High-definition Color Camera Head DS-Fi2
Standalone Control Unit DS-L3 (right)
& Biological Microscope ECLIPSE Ci-L (left)

Product Information

Product Name Digital Camera System for Microscopy Digital Sight Series
High-definition Color Camera Head DS-Fi2
Standalone Camera Control Unit DS-L3

Available from November 1, 2011

Development Overview

In April 2003, Nikon Corporation released the digital camera "Digital Sight series" dedicated for microscopy. The Digital Sight series incorporates many features unique to Nikon. The camera head and controller unit are separate so that users can choose a combination from each lineup depending on their purpose of use. Since its release, the Digital Sight series has been used widely at universities and research institutes in biological and medical fields as well as for R&D, quality assurance and inspection in industrial applications.
Digital cameras for microscopy require high color reproducibility to display images as seen through the microscope and they must be easy to use. Recently it has become even more important to be able to capture high-quality images by simple operations with a high degree of reliability. Nikon developed new products to meet these requirements.


[High-definition color camera head DS-Fi2]

Greatly improved video performance, with high-definition 5M pixel camera
The newly developed CCD control circuit significantly increases the frame rate from the current 12 fps to 21 fps (Display mode: 1280 x 960 pixels). You can focus and comfortably search for a region to observe in your sample without any stress.

[Standalone control unit DS-L3]

This control unit concept "PC-less, standalone" has been well accepted since its introduction, providing ease of use with space-saving design. Anyone can capture microscopy images easily by clicking icons displayed on the monitor.

1. Touch panel intuitive operation

The first LCD touch panel adopted for a digital camera for microscopy. Icons for operation are intuitive — you can start using the camera without reading an operational manual.

2. High-quality images

High color reproducibility and high-definition images are achieved by improving the image processing function

3. Multifunctional controller

The DS-L3 can also be used to control the Eclipse Ni-E and Ci-E biological research microscopes that will be released on September 1, 2011. It plays three roles: controls the camera, displays images, controls the microscope; and it saves you space.


<High-definition color camera head DS-Fi2>

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CCD 2/3 inch color CCD
Total number of pixels: 5.24 megapixels (effective 5.07 megapixels)
Live display mode 21 fps (1280 x 960 pixel), 37 fps (1280 x 480 pixel)
Recordable pixels 2560 x 1920 pixel, 1280 x 960 pixel, 640 x 480 pixel
Lens mount C-mount

<Standalone camera control unit DS-L3>

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Built-in monitor
External image output
8.4 inch TFT LCD display with touch panel function
DVI-I (Digital: Conforms to DVI 1.0/Analog: 0.7Vpp (75Ω))
Storage format BMP, JPEG, TIF, etc.
Tool functions Measurement (distance between two points/point-to-line/between circle, angle, circle, diameter, area, pitch), Count marker, Text, Pen (straight line, curve line), Scale, Crosshairs, Grid, XY Scale, XY measurement

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