Digital Compact Camera Nikon COOLPIX S9700/S9600/S32

February 7, 2014

3 new COOLPIX S-series cameras, including a high-power zoom model equipped with a variety of exposure modes, a Wi-Fi® function, location data functions with a built-in world map, and support for movie recording with 5-axis vibration reduction, as well as a family model that offers simple operation and features such as water- and shockproofing for worry-free use

TOKYO - Nikon Corporation is pleased to announce the release of three new COOLPIX S-series models incorporating advanced functions and ease of use.

S9700: A super high-power zoom model equipped with a 30x optical zoom lens, 4 exposure modes that expand shooting possibilities, a Wi-Fi® function, and location data functions with a built-in world map

The S9700 is a super high-power zoom model equipped with a 30x optical zoom NIKKOR lens (supports 60x zoom when Dynamic Fine Zoom is enabled) despite its slim body with a depth of approximately 34.5 mm. It offers four exposure modes—[P] programmed auto, [A] aperture-priority auto, [S] shutter-priority auto, [M] manual—that allow users to attempt new forms of expression by reflecting their own intent according to the subject or impression they wish to convey with shooting. The camera is also equipped with convenient functions that can be used after shooting, such as Wi-Fi®, that make connecting with others more enjoyable with location data acquired from GPS or GLONASS, a built-in world map, and collaboration with smart devices.

S9600: A stylish, compact model that offers simple operation and is equipped with a Pre-focus autofocus mode, Glamour Retouch functions, and supports recording of movies with 5-axis vibration reduction

The S9600 is a stylish, compact model equipped with a 22x optical zoom NIKKOR lens for high-power zoom capability (supports 44x zoom when Dynamic Fine Zoom is enabled). A number of functions that ensure capture of decisive moments, and enable capture and recording of beautiful images with simple operations have been adopted with this camera. Pre-focus autofocus mode, Target Finding AF, and Scene Auto Selector mode allow users to capture images as intended, leaving all the work up to the camera; Glamour Retouch options apply make-up effects to photos; and movies utilizing five-axis vibration reduction that compensates for horizontal and vertical camera shake, as well as camera shake to the left and right, up and down, and along the rotational axis can be recorded.

S32: A worry-free model that can be enjoyed by the entire family offering advanced water- and shockproofing, and simple operation that even children can master

The S32 is the successor to the COOLPIX S31 compact digital camera, which was developed based on the concept of allowing the entire family to share the enjoyment of taking and viewing photos. The camera's water- and shockproofing has been increased to withstand use in water up to approximately 10 m deep and falls from a height of approximately 1.5 m. Functions that use with less worry have also been reinforced. The S32 is equipped with an Image Lock function that prevents accidental deletion of images, and messages related to waterproofing have been added and are displayed when applicable settings are applied or operations are performed. The camera is also equipped with a variety of functions that make using it more fun both with shooting and after. These include functions that allow for selection of effects to be applied with shooting, and functions that support the use of photos in communication, including a new Grading function.

S9700 Primary Features

1. A 30x optical zoom NIKKOR lens that covers the wide-angle 25mm to telephoto 750mm range of angles of view (equivalent focal lengths in 35mm [135] format)

When Dynamic Fine Zoom is enabled, the zoom range is expanded to 60x, or the equivalent of 1500mm. The S9700 has been packaged in a very compact size with a thickness of 34.5 mm despite its 30x high-power zoom lens.

2.Equipped with an improved location data function that is faster and more accurate

A built-in world map upon which location data and route of movement with shooting can be recorded and displayed

Location data acquired with shooting using the high-performance GPS/GLONASS function is recorded, allowing users to both preserve location data with images and trace memories from vacations and the like. In addition, as the camera itself is equipped with a world map, the rear of the camera has been redesigned with a new map button. By simply pressing this button, users can display image shooting locations on the map with photos. The camera is also equipped with an electronic compass that records bearing information with photos.

In addition to GPS (A-GPS*), the S9700 also supports the Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS). This enables recording of shooting location data (latitude and longitude) more quickly and accurately, even in places where positioning was previously difficult, such as between buildings.
  • *A function that calculates GPS signal acquired by the camera and data (EE data: Extended Ephemeris data) that predicts GPS satellite location for faster positioning. Please update A-GPS data by downloading the latest file from the Nikon Imaging Company website.
Electronic compass
Location data is used to display the direction in which the lens is pointed with shooting. North, South, East, or West is displayed. In addition, when the lens is pointed down, a circle compass with north, south, east, and west (16 cardinal points) is displayed.
POI (landmark) display
Information for approximately 2,200,000 landmarks, including the names of places and historical sites, has been registered with the camera. Information related to the place at which photos are taken can be displayed in the monitor and recorded with photos.
Log function
When the log function is enabled, the route of movement is recorded even when the camera is not in use or is turned off. This feature is optimal for tracking your route while hiking or on vacation.

3. Four exposure modes for images that express shooting intent

The camera is equipped with four exposure modes—[P] programmed auto, [A] aperture-priority auto, [S] shutter-priority auto, and [M] manual. These modes were added in response to requests from users looking to better reflect their intent according to the subject or impression they wish to convey with shooting.

S9600 Primary Features

1. A 22x (up to approximately 44x with Dynamic Fine Zoom) optical zoom NIKKOR lens that covers the wide-angle 25mm to telephoto 550mm range of angles of view (equivalent focal lengths in 35mm [135] format)

A 22x high-power optical zoom NIKKOR lens has been built into the S9600's compact body. The lens also supports macro photography with focusing on a subject positioned at the center of the frame as close as approximately 1 cm to the lens. In addition, the camera is equipped with Dynamic Fine Zoom, which enables approximately 44x zoom with which resolution is preserved in the digital zoom range.

Primary Features Common to the S9700 and S9600

1. An effective pixel count of 16.0-million pixels and a backside illumination CMOS sensor

2. Shooting functions that ensure capture of the desired moment by simply pointing the camera at the intended subject

The camera automatically acquires the subject and focuses even when the shutter-release button is not pressed halfway. The subject can be instantly detected even with zooming, or with shooting in dark or dimly lit places. As the user need not press the shutter-release button halfway to focus, capture of sudden and unexpected photo opportunities is supported with a shorter distance required for focusing movement and faster autofocusing.
Target Finding AF
By simply pointing the camera toward the intended subject, the camera instantly predicts and displays the portion on which focus will be acquired. As the active focus area is automatically specified in accordance with the size of the subject, resulting images are in clear focus. In addition, Target Finding AF not only works with subjects positioned at the center of the frame, but with off-center subjects as well. This capability is clearly exhibited with shooting of not only human subjects, but with flowers, food, and smaller subjects as well.
Scene Auto Selector mode
The camera evaluates the subject and conditions, and then automatically applies the optimal scene mode from ten possibilities, including Portrait, Night landscape, Backlighting, and Close-up. This enables faster shooting by eliminating the need to apply various settings manually. This mode makes it possible for even those new to digital cameras to enjoy shooting without confusion.

3. Built-in Wi-Fi® that makes connecting with others enjoyable with simple connection to smart devices

The built-in Wi-Fi® function can be used to transfer photos* to a smart device over a wireless connection as soon as they are taken. Photos can be easily shared with family and friends, or uploaded to blogs or social networking sites (SNS). In addition, the display on a smartphone, tablet, or other smart device can be used to frame images and control shooting remotely. This is very convenient when taking group photos and the like in which the user is included. With remote shooting, the self-timer, zoom, and shooting information are also displayed on the smart device screen.

  • *The Wireless Mobile Utility app must first be installed on the smart device (the app can be downloaded free of charge from the smart device's app store), and Wi-Fi connection settings must be applied before image transfer is possible.

4. A function for recording 1920 x 1080/60i movies with superior picture quality with the press of a button

1920 x 1080/60i movies with stereo sound can be recorded by simply pressing the camera's movie-record button. The camera offers a number of movie recording functions, including a movie pause function that can be used to pause and resume recording of a single movie to include only the desired portions of an activity or event, and unnecessary portions of recorded movies can be eliminated and the remaining portions saved as a separate movie file. There is also a Face Priority option with which the camera recognizes and automatically focuses on human faces.

5. 5-axis vibration reduction that effectively compensates for camera shake with movie recording

Five-axis vibration reduction compensates for more forms of camera shake by expanding the range of compensation with the combination of lens-shift vibration reduction, which reduces camera shake in the form of slight tilting to the left and right or forward and back, with electronic vibration reduction, which compensates for camera shake in the form of slight movement to the left and right, up and down, or in a somewhat circular motion up and down and left and right. In addition, effective stabilization of the scene displayed in the monitor with recording makes framing movies easier for sharp and clear recording.

6. A variety of effects that can be applied with shooting and after: Glamour Retouch effects, Special Effects, Quick Effects

Advanced Glamour Retouch with more options (12 all together)

In addition to previous Glamour Retouch effects—Skin Softening, Small Face, Big Eyes, Powder, Hide Eye Bags, Whiten Eyes, Whiten Teeth, Redden Cheeks—users can apply four new effects—Eye Shadow, Lipstick, Glare Reduction, Mascara— for a total of twelve effects. The degree to which each effect is applied can also be adjusted.

Special Effects mode, which allows users to apply special effects, including those that modify colors or contrast, with recording of still images and movies (26 special effects)

The results of Special Effects are displayed with the view through the lens in the monitor before shooting or recording begins, allowing users to choose, preview, and apply a special effect.
Users can choose from a total of 26 special effects Soft, High Key, Low Key, Nostalgic Sepia, High-contrast Monochrome, Selective Color (12 colors+Full color), Pop, Super Vivid, Toy Camera Effect 1, Toy Camera Effect 2, and Cross Process (4 colors).

Quick Effects (31) that can easily be applied to images

Quick Effects enables editing of images while previewing results in the camera monitor in just three simple steps: shoot, apply, and save.
A total of 31 effects are available: Soft, High Key, Low Key, High-contrast Monochrome, Selective Color (12 colors), Pop, Super Vivid, Painting, Toy Camera Effect 1, Toy Camera Effect 2, Cross Process (four colors), Cross Screen, Fisheye, Miniature Effect, Sepia, Cyanotype, and Soft Portrait.

7. Charging AC Adapter EH-71P/EH-71PCH and USB Cable UC-E21 for high-speed battery charging

Battery charging time can be significantly reduced by using Charging AC Adapter EH-71P/EH-71PCH. What's more, shooting and playback operations can be performed while the battery is charging.

S32 Primary Features

1. Worry-free performance and functions that support use by the entire family, from small children to adults

Waterproof to a depth of approximately 10 m and shockproofing that withstands falls from approximately 1.5 m
The strength and waterproof characteristics so popular with this camera's predecessor, the COOLPIX S31, have been improved to withstand falls from up to 1.5 meters and waterproofing to ten meters. The camera is also dust resistant and cold-proof to approximately -10°C, making it the perfect camera for outdoor leisure activities.
Display of messages related to waterproofing
Messages related to waterproofing are displayed under a variety of circumstances, including when the camera is turned on after the battery has been charged and when Shoot Under Water shooting mode is selected. These messages offer precautions for using the camera near the water or in sandy locations, instructions for removing foreign matter that adheres to the camera, instructions for inspecting the camera after it is used underwater, and cleaning methods with easy-to-understand explanations.
Image Lock function
By simply holding down two of the flexible buttons at left on the rear of the camera, users can restrict deletion operations. This enables worry-free use by children or those unfamiliar with digital camera operation by preventing accidental deletion of images.

2. An effective pixel count of 13.2-million pixels and a CMOS sensor

The S32 offers an effective pixel count of 13.2-million pixels and is equipped with a CMOS sensor for even better image quality. Auto image overlay technology utilizes the high-speed performance of the CMOS sensor to enable beautiful rendering of images under difficult lighting conditions. It prevents loss of detail in shadows and highlights with backlit scenes, and also suppresses the effects of camera shake and noise that often occur with capture of night landscapes, for superior image quality even with shooting in dark surroundings.

3. Simple operation, and shooting and retouch functions that the entire family will enjoy

Users of all ages can enjoy expressing themselves in a variety of ways by applying special effects prior to shooting, and by changing colors and the like in photos after they are taken. Effects have names that even children will understand, such as Take Soft Pictures and Add a Fisheye Effect. Three new options—Add a Bubble Effect, Add a Neon Effect, and Add a Cartoon Effect—have been added to the effects that can be applied prior to shooting.

Settings can be applied with intuitive operation from menu screens displayed using the four flexible buttons.

4. Fun functions that enable communication via photos

Grading function
This function allows children and adults to grade each other's photos. Grades such as Excellent and Good can be applied, increasing parents' and children's fun through photos.
Exchange Messages function
Voice messages can be added to images. Users can enjoy communicating with family members by exchanging messages via a single image.
Slide shows with background music and animation
Users can enjoy slide shows with which background music and animation have been added to high-quality photos. Three themes are available for selection—Classic, and Animated and Pop Art, to which animation is added.
Function for creating photo albums
Photo albums can be easily created and saved using the camera and photos taken with the camera. Users can choose from five photo album designs.

5. Function for recording 1920 x 1080/30p full-HD movies with stereo sound

1920 x 1080/30p full-HD movies with stereo sound can be recorded by simply pressing the camera's movie-record button. Full-HD movies recorded with the camera can also be played back on an HDMI-compatible TV by connecting the camera to the TV's HDMI port using an HDMI cable (available separately).

6. A symmetrical design that offers a better hold

The S32 inherits the symmetrical design that considers two-handed use by children with small hands. The rounded form and slightly tapered front offer a better hold on the camera. The S32 is available in four vivid colors—blue, yellow, white, pink—that make simply owning the camera fun.

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