Digital Compact Camera Nikon COOLPIX S810c

April 10, 2014

A compact digital camera equipped with 12x optical zoom and Android™ that is fun to use and allows users to connect with others

TOKYO - Nikon Corporation is pleased to announce the release of the S810c, a COOLPIX S-series compact digital camera equipped with Android™ and Wi-Fi® that combines advanced functions with ease of use.

The S810c is a single camera that allows users to enjoy taking pictures, viewing them, and using them to connect with others. It is equipped with a 12x optical zoom NIKKOR lens, 16.0-million pixels, and a backside illumination CMOS sensor that support capture of images exhibiting superior image quality. It is also equipped with Android™ and Wi-Fi® support that allow users to upload their high-quality images to social networking services, clouds, and the like directly from the camera using familiar operations similar to those used with smartphones. Newly adopted comment function allows users to add comments, such as their impression of the scene, immediately after the shutter is released. This function offers users a new way to enjoy taking and sharing photos.

S810c Primary Features

1. Equipped with Android™ Ver. 4.2.2 and Wi-Fi® support for an operational feel similar to that of smartphones and wireless Internet connection capabilities

Equipping the camera with Android™ Ver. 4.2.2 and Wi-Fi® support enable familiar operation and communications functions (does not include telephone functions).

Simple setup, simple connection

Connecting to the Internet, applying settings, and entering text are all performed with operations similar to those used with Android™ smartphones.

Post to, and browse, social networking services

Photos and movies recorded with this digital camera, as well as comments, can be posted directly from the camera to social networking services (SNS) such as Google+™, Facebook and Twitter*. In addition to posting, the camera also supports smooth viewing of SNSs.

  • *Facebook and Twitter apps must be downloaded and installed from Google Play™ before these services can be accessed from the camera.

Equipped with Google™ apps and Google Play™ support

Users can add and customize functions according to their individual preferences by downloading apps from Google Play. What's more, as the camera comes with Google™ apps such as Google+, YouTube™, Google Maps™, and Gmail™ already installed, users can enjoy convenient online contents not strictly related to photography itself with the camera.

Transfer images to a smart device

When the dedicated Connect to S810c application is installed on a smartphone or tablet, photos and movies recorded with the S810c can be quickly and easily transferred to the smart device.

2. Shooting performance with the superior image quality and detail that only Nikon can offer

A 12x optical zoom NIKKOR lens that covers the wide-angle 25mm to telephoto 300mm range of angles of view (equivalent focal lengths in 35mm [135] format)

The S810c is equipped with a 12x optical zoom NIKKOR lens that covers the 25-300mm range of angles of view (equivalent focal lengths in 35mm [135] format). In addition, it is equipped with Dynamic Fine Zoom, which enables approximately 24x zoom for a maximum focal length equivalent to approximately 600mm, and with which resolution is preserved in the digital zoom range. The lens also supports macro photography with shooting as close as 2 cm to the center of the lens.

Effective pixel count of 16.0-million pixels, backside illumination CMOS sensor

The camera offers an effective pixel count of 16.0-million pixels. This, along with the built-in backside illumination CMOS sensor and vibration reduction (VR) function that combines lens shift VR with electronic VR *, allows users to enjoy taking photos that exhibit superior image quality.

  • *With shooting of still images

3. A variety of shooting and retouch functions

Comment function that allows users to preserve their thoughts or impressions at the moment of capture with images

The camera is equipped with a comment function that allows users to attach comments to images. Comments of up to 400 characters can be entered using the keyboard displayed in the monitor or speech recognition. Not only are users able to add notes, thoughts, or impressions to images immediately after the shutter is released, but these comments can also be edited later with image playback.

Timeline View that allows users to edit images and comments in in-camera albums

Images with comments can be displayed in chronological order with image playback. In addition, images can be organized in timelines to which titles have been assigned by event*, for display similar to that of social networking services with which users are familiar.

  • * Up to 50 timelines can be created.

NIKON IMAGE SPACE app pre-installed

The NIKON IMAGE SPACE app pre-installed in the camera allows users direct access to NIKON IMAGE SPACE, Nikon's image storage and sharing service. This allows users to upload and view their images anytime and anywhere, as if they were always carrying their photo albums with them. What's more, the app supports the camera's comment function, automatically adding comments to SNS boards when images are shared.*1 When users register*2 their S810c, they receive 20 GB of storage space on NIKON IMAGE SPACE.

  • *1Facebook® does not support posting of comments.
  • *2Requires upgrade to a SPECIAL ACCOUNT from a computer.

GPS function (with A-GPS* function) that enables recording of location data with photos

The high-performance GPS function built into the S810c records shooting location data (latitude and longitude) with photos. In addition, the camera's A-GPS file can be updated using the built-in Wi-Fi® function.

  • *A function that calculates GPS signal acquired by the camera and data (EE data: Extended Ephemeris data) that predicts GPS satellite location for faster positioning.

Target finding AF

By simply pointing the camera toward the intended subject, the camera instantly predicts the portion on which focus should be acquired and focuses. As precise focusing is performed by focus area automatically specified in accordance with the size of the subject, focus can be acquired on the intended portion.

4.A 3.7-inch, approximately 1229k-dot TFT LCD monitor offering sharp and clear reproduction of even the smallest details

The S810c is equipped with a 3.7-inch, approximately 1229k-dot electrostatic TFT LCD touch screen monitor. Adoption of anti-reflection coating and Clear Color Display with brightness adjustment for the high-resolution WVGA LCD increases visibility for easier operation.

5.Additional Features

  • Adoption of a high-capacity rechargeable battery (1850 mAh) designed for a longer life enables capture of approximately 270 shots* with a single charge
  • Supports operating while the battery is charging
  • Equipped with a headset connector
  • Uses microSDHC and microSDXC memory cards
  • Equipped with a Micro-USB connector
  • Function for recording full-HD 1920 x 1080/30p movies with superior picture quality
  • Equipped with a variety of shooting functions, including Easy Auto mode, Scene mode, Smart Portrait mode, and Special Effects mode
  • *Measured in accordance with CIPA standards.
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