Digital Compact Camera Nikon COOLPIX S6900

September 12, 2014

Shoot more expressively appealing self-portraits. Taking pictures is more fun with shooting from a variety of angles and simple photo sharing. A new way to shoot and enjoy photography, and easy to explore your creativity

TOKYO - Nikon Corporation is pleased to announce the release of the COOLPIX S6900, equipped with a vari-angle LCD monitor for improved operation.

The COOLPIX S6900 is the successor to the COOLPIX S6600, the first COOLPIX S-series camera to be equipped with a vari-angle LCD monitor that supports shooting from a variety of angles, whether low or high. Adoption of a new camera stand and front shutter-release button makes the COOLPIX S6900 a model that offers even better operation for taking self-portraits.

In addition to improvements to operation, including that of the Gesture Control function, which enables remote control using the palm of the hand, the COOLPIX S6900 is equipped with a variety of shooting and editing functions such as the Glamour mode, which allows users to preview effects in the monitor during shooting.

The camera offers an effective pixel count of 16.0-million pixels*, and is equipped with a backside illumination CMOS image sensor that enables capture of images exhibiting very little noise, even at high sensitivities, a lens-shift vibration reduction (VR) function, and a NIKKOR lens that supports both 12x optical zoom and 24x Dynamic Fine Zoom with a closest focus distance of just 2 cm for macro photography. With built-in NFC and Wi-Fi®, users can easily transfer images to smart devices such as smartphones and tablets.

  • *May be reduced by image processing.

Primary Features

1. Equipped with a 3-in. vari-angle LCD monitor that allows users to enjoy shooting from a variety of angles and is convenient for capturing self-portraits

3-in. vari-angle LCD monitor

Equipped with a 3-inch, approximately 460k-dot TFT LCD monitor that supports touch operations, users of the COOLPIX S6900 can enjoy flexible shooting from any angle, whether low or high. Even self-portraits are fun and easy.

Camera stand

A new camera stand, which can be used to support the camera in either horizontal or vertical orientation, has been incorporated on the back of the COOLPIX S6900.

Front shutter-release button

Positioning of a new front shutter-release button on the front of the camera makes capturing self-portraits in either landscape or portrait orientation easier.

Improved Gesture Control operation

The Gesture Control function allows the user to control shooting operations from a short distance by aligning their hand with the icon displayed at the center of the camera monitor, and then moving their hand to "drag" the icon. Not only has the ability of the camera to detect and follow the user's hand been improved for smoother operation, but the camera lens automatically transitions to a wide-angle position optimal for self-portraits when Gesture Control is enabled, making the process of capturing self-portraits in this way smoother.

2. A variety of shooting and editing functions that expand enjoyment

Glamour Mode

This mode allows users to apply effects that enhance human faces with shooting.
Four effects are available-Skin Softening, Powder, Soft, and Vividness, and users can preview effects in the camera monitor during shooting.


Self-Collage captures a series of images and then automatically saves the images as a single-frame collage. This allows the user to create a collage of self-portraits, each with a different expression or pose. Users can specify the shooting interval, number of pictures to be taken*, and the shutter sound setting.

  • *The number of pictures to be taken (Number of shots) can be selected from four or nine.

Selective Softening

This feature allows users to specify the primary subject by using their finger to draw a border around that subject, thus indicating the portion of the image that should not be blurred. The camera then automatically blurs other portions of the image. This results in images in which the primary subject stands out and is emphasized.

3. Built-in Wi-Fi®/NFC that make sharing images simple and expands enjoyment

New adoption of NFC support enables easy Wi-Fi connection by simply touching the camera and a smartphone together. In addition, Wi-Fi connection to smart devices that do not support NFC is even easier using the new Wi-Fi button adopted for the COOLPIX S6900.

4. A high-performance, stylish camera equipped with a 12x optical zoom lens that performs well in dark surroundings

The COOLPIX S6900 is equipped with a NIKKOR lens that covers the wide-angle 25mm to 300mm (equivalent focal lengths in 35mm [135] format) range of focal lengths, offers a built-in lens-shift vibration reduction (VR) function, supports both 12x optical zoom and 24x Dynamic Fine Zoom, and offers a closest focus distance of just 2 cm for macro photography.
It offers an effective pixel count of 16.0 million* pixels, and is equipped with a backside illumination CMOS sensor with which each pixel receives light more efficiently for superior high-speed processing performance. This enables capture of sharp and clear images exhibiting little noise, even at the high sensitivities required for low-light situations such as night landscapes and indoor shooting.

  • *May be reduced by image processing.

5. Recording of high-quality, 1920 x 1080/60i movies with stereo sound with the press of a button

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