Nikon Releases New FPD Lithography Systems FX-86S2 and FX-86SH2

FPD Lithography Systems Enabling Short Takt Time and High Resolution Suitable for High-definition Large-sized Panel

October 22, 2014

Nikon Corporation (Kazuo Ushida, President, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) today announced the release of two FPD Lithography Systems, FX-86S2 and FX-86SH2. FX-86S2 and FX-86SH2 are the optimal FPD Lithography Systems for manufacturing high-definition large-sized LCD panels as well as organic light emitting diode (OLED) panels. Those demands for high-definition large-sized LCD panels are ever increasing by the adoption of 4K TVs, whose resolution is four times higher than the resolution of Full HD TVs, 8K TVs, which are expected to become popular and widespread, and high-definition tablets.

FPD Lithography Systems FX-86SH2

(1) Sales Summary

Product name FPD Lithography Systems FX-86S2, FX-86SH2
Sales launch term October 2014

(2) New Product Overview

The FX-86S2/86SH2 incorporates techniques from both the 6th generation FPD Lithography System FX-67S, which is ideal for high-definition panel manufacturing, and the 10th generation FPD Lithography System FX-101S, which is ideal for extra-large plate applications, realizing the FPD Lithography System optimized for high-definition large-sized panel manufacturing.
The FX-86S2 achieves shorter takt time than conventional 8th generation applications to improve the productivity. In addition, the FX-86SH2 enables high resolution to further meet our customer's needs.

(3) Main Characteristics and Specifications of FX-86S2/86SH2

Short Takt Time

The FX-86S2/86SH2 features the renewed exposure sequence to realize shorter takt time. By applying the control technique for the 10th generation FPD Lithography System FX-101S to FX-86S2/86SH2, the FX-86S2/86SH2 realizes the higher speed and higher accuracy exposure than conventional FPD Lithography Systems.

High Resolution

For the FX-86SH2, a new adjustment mechanism for the projection lens has been incorporated to further improve the resolution of the Multi Lens System, which comprises multiple projection lenses. A new illumination system using Nikon's proprietary resolution enhancement technique used in FX-67S has also been incorporated. Also incorporated is a new auto-focus system with optimized measurement points, enabling a resolution of 2.2 μm (* L/S) while also ensuring a wide depth of focus.

  • *L/S:Line and Space

High Alignment Accuracy

The optimally designed measurement system, which incorporates an interferometer, has led to improved measurement stability and a high alignment accuracy of ±0.5 μm.

High Throughput

2,200 mm x 2,500 mm plate size:
587 panels/hour (46” panel) * improving 18% compared with FX-86S
378 panels/hour (55” panel) * improving 14% compared with FX-86S

Main Performance

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  FX-86S2 FX-86SH2
Resolution (L/S) 3.0 μm (g+h+i line) 2.2 μm (g+h+i line)
Projection Magnification 1:1
Alignment Accuracy ≤±0.5 μm
MAX. Plate Size 2,200 mm x 2,500 mm
Takt Time 49 sec./plate
Conditions :
2,200 mm x 2,500 mm, 4 scans, g+h+i line, 30 mJ/cm2

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