Showroom of Industrial Instruments Opened in Indonesia

To enhance the Industrial Metrology Business in Indonesia

September 16, 2015

PT. Nikon Indonesia (President Director: Toshio Asazaki, Jakarta, Indonesia), a subsidiary company of Nikon Corporation (President: Kazuo Ushida, Tokyo) opened a showroom of industrial instruments on September 16, 2015 in KIIC Industrial Complex in Karawang, West Java Province with the aim of enhancing the industrial metrology business in Indonesia.

Indonesia is the area where the automobile industry is growing drastically in recent years, and further growth is also expected in the future. Under such circumstances, Nikon is willing to meet the increasing demands of industrial metrology/inspection equipment such as X-ray/CT Inspection System, Non-contact Sensor 3D Metrology System. Therefore, we decided to open the showroom in West Java Province where automotive related plants are integrated.

In this showroom, CNC Video Measuring System NEXIV series, Industrial Microscopes and Measuring Instruments are displayed in addition to X-ray/CT Inspection System and Non-contact Sensor 3D Metrology System with the hope of that more customers experience the excellent performance of our equipment. Upon the opening of this showroom, we also aim to enhance the presence of Nikon's industrial metrology business in Indonesia.

Showroom Overview

Name P.T. Nikon Indonesia KARAWANG SHOWROOM
Address Gedung Sentra KIIC, Unit 02 Lt.01, Jl. Permata Raya Lot CA-1, Kawasan Industri KIIC, Desa Sukaluyu, Kecamatan Telukjambe Timur, Karawang 41361, Indonesia
Main products X-ray/CT Inspection System, MCAx Manual Coordinate Measuring Arm, CNC 3D Metrology + Laser Scanner and CNC Video Measuring System, etc.
Telephone Number +62-267-864-3949
  • *Visit to this showroom requires a prior appointment.

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