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February 23, 2016

Big Pictures & Bold Visions: The Complete Nikon Spring 2016 COOLPIX Series
Compact and exceptional, the 2016 Spring COOLPIX line-up introduce 4K and "Superlapse" video for immersive visual experiences made for sharing

TOKYO - Nikon Corporation is pleased to announce the release of the Spring 2016 COOLPIX series with four brand new models. Designed to make the compact camera the most comprehensive image creation tool from start to finish, the new cameras sport an array of exciting new features to see users through various photography situations, from low-light performance to high-power zoom. Now connecting cameras to the broader ecosystem of connected devices, COOLPIX cameras come equipped with SnapBridge, ensuring that social snappers and visual aesthetes are always a tap away from sharing their favorite shots on social media.

The Nikon COOLPIX B700: The Ultimate Close-Up

The B700 is the most compact ultra-high-power 60x optical zoom, 120x Dynamic Fine Zoom*1 camera in its class, presenting an advanced balance of mobility, zoom performance and imaging technology. Users can look forward to capturing vibrant scenes and portraits in sharp detail, both day and night, backed by the camera's 20.3 megapixels*2 delivered with a backside-illumination CMOS image sensor.

This is further enhanced by superior NIKKOR lens optics to ensure that subjects always look crisp and vibrant. With the incorporation of a Super Extra-Low Dispersion glass element, chromatic aberration is effectively reduced and excellent image quality is maintained, even at a higher zoom ratio. Advanced users now also have greater freedom to experiment and edit their images with the camera's ability to shoot in RAW format, with no impact on image quality.

Helping users navigate ultra-high-power zoom, are snap-back zoom and side zoom control for easy operation. If a subject is lost during telephoto zoom operation, the camera's zoom position can be shifted to wide-angle with the press of a button, allowing the user to recapture the subject easily which can come in handy when capturing fast-paced sporting action or birds moving through the canopy. To reduce camera shake for crisp, clear images, the camera's side zoom control ensures stable zoom operation while holding the lens barrel with the left hand.

Combining technological refinement with lightning-fast performance, the B700 ensures that special moments are never missed. Locking on to subjects is even faster with high-speed autofocus at approximately 0.12 seconds, aided by a pre-focus function which allows the camera to detect composition change and camera shake. When tracking moving subjects such as children at play or animals on the move, the enhanced Vibration Reduction (VR) performance with improved camera shake detection and at a compensation effect equivalent to a shutter speed of 5.0 stops*3, help to ensure that images are sharp and shake-free when shooting on the go.

The B700 comes with an extensive suite of stand-out video features for the aspiring movie-maker. Advanced 4K Ultra-high-definition movies with stereo sound are a snap to create in 2160/30p format, for vibrant videos with sumptuous details. Features such as a dedicated movie-record button, still image shooting, and push autofocus function during movie recording, further simplify the movie-making experience for everyday users. HDMI support is also available in the B700, allowing the direct playback of gorgeous video creations for immediate enjoyment on bigger screens.

The 2016 Spring COOLPIX range sees the introduction of a "Superlapse" movie function for selected models in the line-up. The B700 is able to stitch still images saved from a recorded movie into a 30 or 20fps fast-action movie from the user's unique viewpoint, even while recording in motion, allowing the user to experiment with creative composition or changing landscapes. In addition, impressive time-lapse creations can be put together with the quick selection of a shooting scene and appropriate time interval, for the convenient enjoyment of cityscapes and sunsets, ready for sharing on social media.

Creative image creation is embraced with an array of versatile and intuitive editing and post-processing functions. For celebrations with extra sparkle, Multiple Exposure Lighten is a new function for photographing light trails. The camera automatically composites two or more images taken with interval-timer photography, for the best shots of fireworks, star trails and flying aircraft. Another new feature, Creative Mode enables users to combine preset modes such as "Light", "Depth" and "Classic" with options such as appropriate aperture, contrast and color reproduction before shooting, for a unique visual narrative with every shot.

Elevating the COOLPIX user journey is the launch of SnapBridge, a brand new connectivity experience from Nikon which turns the B700 into a powerful image creation device with always-on smartphone connectivity. SnapBridge powers the automatic transfer of images to the user's smartphone as they are captured for a seamless Bluetooth® connection between the camera and social media. This service comes with a host of features for added convenience and connectivity such as the embedding of location, date/time and image credit information, automatic uploading of photographs to the NIKON IMAGE SPACE, as well as remote shooting via a Wi-Fi® connection for shake-free shots. Users looking to re-live holiday memories or special occasions can also browse camera images, even when the camera is turned off.

The design DNA of the B700 is inherited from a SLR camera marrying both style and function. An electronic viewfinder, equipped with an eye sensor, ensures a stable shooting position and easy switching between monitor shooting and viewfinder operation. The camera's vari-angle TFT High-definition LCD monitor allows for convenient shooting from high and low angles, with clear visibility even under direct sunlight. Additionally, a premium body construction is conveyed by the camera's refined styling and high quality textures, for secure yet comfortable handling.

The Nikon COOLPIX B500: Handy, Versatile Telephoto Performance

Superb user functionality meets high-power zoom in the new B500. Conveniently-sized with no compromise on image quality, the versatile B500 supports the reliable image capture of life's best moments from pet photography to weddings. With 40x optical zoom and 80x Dynamic Fine Zoom*1, vast vistas and precise close ups become a breeze to capture, all in a convenient size that is both functional and easy to handle for everyday use.

For indoor celebrations or concerts at night, the camera handles low-light shooting with ease, reproducing fine details and excellent contrast with 16 effective megapixels*2 and a backside-illumination CMOS sensor, aided by a high performance NIKKOR lens. Today's traveling nomads will also be able to enjoy crisp, shake-free images with the camera's high-performance Vibration Reduction (VR) even when the 40x optical zoom is deployed, which may come in handy when capturing exciting festivities or landscapes in the pursuit of new adventures. This lens shift VR offers a compensation effect equivalent to a shutter speed of 3.0 stops*4.

Improved functionality is consistent throughout the B500 user experience. With a new mode dial, users can switch easily between 10 of the camera's most frequently functions such as Scene Auto Selector, Smart Portrait Mode and Backlighting for quick. Enhancing the enjoyment of shooting with the B500, is a wide-viewing-angle TFT LCD tilting monitor, which aids in creative composition and comfortable shooting from a variety of angles, be it at a pet's eye level or looking out above a crowd, maintaining clear visibility even in direct sunlight. During the use of the camera's telephoto zoom, lost photography subjects can be recaptured instantly with Snap-back zoom, which shifts the zoom position to wide-angle for a broader field of vision. Side zoom control is also enabled allowing users to control zoom while holding the lens barrel securely to prevent unnecessary camera shake.

Perennially popular features have also been improved, with new ones enabling users to edit and create their own visual masterpieces. Glamour mode has been integrated with Smart Portrait Mode, adding a host of intuitive features, such as "Smile timer", "Blink proof" and "Self-collage". A new Creative mode also allows users to combine presets and effects for up to 36 creative options. Users can further adjust the settings of various effects to enhance the tone, brightness and saturation of the images through easy-to-use menus for immediate sharing on social media.

Completing the connected COOLPIX experience is SnapBridge, which enables constant connectivity between smartphone and camera. Utilizing a range of advanced wireless connectivity platforms Bluetooth® for maximum efficiency, and without disrupting the regular Wi-Fi® connection, users will be able to enjoy the automatic transfer of images, remote shooting, and the freedom to browse their shots on the bigger screen of their smart device.

The Nikon COOLPIX A900: Pocket-friendly Travel Companion

Made for the user with small pockets but the biggest luggage, the A900 is the perfect small camera for the user on the go. With 35x optical zoom and 70x Dynamic Fine Zoom*1, the camera ensures that the user is always poised to capture the perfect shot, whether watching the sun set on a beach, or soaking in a street carnival. For those looking to capture the tiniest details on their travels, the A900 also achieves sharp focus even in macro mode at a distance of approximately 1 cm. With the camera's 20.3 effective megapixels*2 delivered with a backside-illumination CMOS sensor and high-performance NIKKOR lens, all these adventures can be captured with rich and remarkable detail, even in low light.

Shooting on the move can be tricky, be it from the back of a camel or on a tour bus. Hence the A900 is equipped with a high-performance VR that works effectively to reduce camera shake even when using the camera's 35x optical zoom. For still images, the lens-shift Vibration Reduction (VR) and electronic VR work in tandem to create beautiful, sharp images, providing an effect equivalent to a shutter speed 4.0 stops*4 faster which would come in handy when photographing activities involving children, sports or pets. Snap-back zoom also aids functionality during telephoto shooting by switching to wide-angle with the press of a button, allowing subjects that have been lost to be re-captured in focus instantly. Releasing the button allows the user to revert the zoom back to its original position.

Great photos become a breeze with a suite of functions to aid image capture. For greater convenience and ease-of-use, the A900's design incorporates Mode and Command dials. The former allows mode selections of Programmed auto, Shutter-priority auto, Aperture-priority auto and Manual while holding the camera in shooting position, while the latter enables options such as exposure control, scene mode changes, and AF area selection during shooting.

For situations that call for video creation, the A900 excels with 4K UHD video recording with stereo sound. High-definition movies with resolutions up to 2160/30p are available, along with the ability to take high-quality still images during playback. A brand new "Superlapse" function has also been introduced in addition to time-lapse capability for unique movie expressions that blend changing landscapes and unique perspectives for sharing. Useful for vloggers and those who prefer to shoot without a tripod, the camera's 4-axis Hybrid VR helps to effectively reduce the effects of camera shake during video creation.

Image creation is made fun and simple with a suite of intuitive tools to use during and after shooting. A new Creative mode allows the selection of various presets to create a personalized feel that matches the user's preferences, enabling up to 36 unique options. For dramatic images of light trails, the A900 also comes with the Multiple Exposure Lighten, a nifty new feature that composites multiple images taken with interval-timer for beautiful images of light trails and fireworks. Glamour Mode has also been incorporated into Smart Portrait Mode, with an even wider selection of intelligent options such as "Blink proof" and "Smile timer" to help subjects look their best.

In an era with ubiquitous mobile connectivity, the new application of SnapBridge, with seamless Bluetooth® connection, allows images to be automatically synced to a smart device for convenient browsing and uploading. Wireless remote shooting for difficult-to-achieve shots is also possible with SnapBridge, along with the easy embedding of photo credit information and a suite of other connected features.

The Nikon COOLPIX A300: Colorful, Compact & Connected

Casual photography made chic and colorful. Encased in a premium aluminum body, the A900 features a thin and lightweight design making it a capable pocket-sized companion for capturing holidays, special occasions and everything in between. With its 20.1 effective megapixels*2, and wide-angle 25 mm equivalent NIKKOR lens, high image quality and reliable performance is assured from landscapes to portraits.

With the 8x optical zoom and 16x Dynamic Fine Zoom*1, the A300 is capable of vibrant close-ups with no compromise to image quality. When using optical zoom or shooting on the move, the camera's high-performance Vibration Reduction (VR) effectively reduces camera shake for an effect equivalent to a shutter speed 3.0 stops*4 for sharp, crisp images even without a tripod. Additionally, a focus distance of 2 cm for macro photography allows users to get closer to their subjects to capture the tiniest details.

The A300 is equipped with Target Finding AF which aids in the tracking of subjects, to ensure that desired subjects are always in focus. For video creation, HD movie recording is available in 720/30p format with a simple press of a dedicated movie-record button. Users with a preference for handheld shooting are supported by a 4-axis Hybrid VR system which aids in reducing the effects of camera shake for perfectly preserved video memories.

Designed for intuitive use, the A300 is packed with an array of features to aid users looking to create their desired shots. Guiding them through the camera's myriad of features is a new "Help" mode which automatically displays explanations on various functions. During shooting, a Scene Auto Selector automatically identifies the optimum camera configuration for up to 10 scenes in various conditions, from backlit spaces, to portraits at night. When panorama mode is selected, a Panorama Assist tool allows the effortless capture of picturesque scenery without the need for time-consuming post-editing work. A multitude of face retouch options are also available during shooting and playback with Smart Portrait Mode and Glamour Retouch for the perfect social media-ready selfies.

SnapBridge offers users a new way of experiencing photography through the seamless connection between their A300 and their smart devices. Through a constant connection between camera and device, this brand new feature enables the immediate transfer of images as they are captured, remote shooting, embedment of location, date and credit information, along with a host of new functions to create and share images with the world.

  • *1Dynamic Fine Zoom magnification is calculated from the full-wide end of optical zoom. Dynamic Fine Zoom refers to the areas in which the camera can zoom while maintaining resolution from the maximum optical telephoto zoom position
  • *2Image processing may reduce the number of effective pixels
  • *3Based on CIPA Standards, measured at approx. 350 mm (35mm format equivalent)
  • *4Based on CIPA Standards, at the maximum telephoto position

About SnapBridge

In an era with ubiquitous mobile connectivity, SnapBridge, with seamless Bluetooth® connection, allows images to be automatically synced from camera to a smart device for convenient browsing and uploading. Utilizing a range of advanced wireless connectivity platforms, users will be able to enjoy the automatic transfer of images, remote shooting, and the freedom to browse their shots on the bigger screen of their smart device. SnapBridge also allows the embedding of location and image credit information, synchronizing date/time, and automatic uploading of photographs to the NIKON IMAGE SPACE, making it effortless to share the creative shots in real time.

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