New Objective lens for Biological Microscope CFI Plan Apochromat 10XC Glyc

November 9, 2016

Nikon Corporation (Kazuo Ushida, President, Tokyo) is pleased to announce the release of the new objective lens CFI Plan Apochromat 10XC Glyc. The CFI Plan Apochromat 10XC Glyc is for deep tissue imaging, compatible with a wide variety of tissue clearing techniques* and refractive indices highly demanded by neuroscience research.

This product will be presented at “Neuroscience 2016 – Society of Neuroscience” (November 12-16 at San Diego, United States.)

  • *Technique to reduce the scattering property of light inside the specimen

Product information

Product Name CFI Plan Apochromat 10XC Glyc
Available from the end of November 2016

Product Concept

Biological research is advancing at an incredible rate with increasing cross-disciplinary collaborations, large-scale initiatives, and landmark discoveries. With these advances, the demand for microscope-based technologies that provide deeper, faster, higher-resolution imaging has been on the rapid rise. Especially, Deep-tissue imaging technologies such as multiphoton microscopy have been evolving to enable deeper imaging at higher resolution. Nikon’s new CFI Plan Apochromat 10XC Glyc objective not only provides deep imaging capabilities at high resolution but its low magnification also enables high throughput, deep-imaging applications.


1. Accommodates a wide range of refractive indices

The CFI Plan Apochromat 10XC Glyc provides correction for a wide range of refractive indices, from 1.33 to 1.51, thereby enabling the use of a variety of immersion liquids including water, oil, and glycerin. Furthermore, CFI Plan Apochromat 10XC Glyc was designed to enable deep imaging of tissues cleared with the latest clearing agents.

2. Achieving high transmission rates across a broad spectrum, from UV to near IR

Nikon’s highly acclaimed, proprietary, anti-reflective Nano Crystal Coat is utilized to achieve high transmission from UV to near IR wavelengths.

3. Chromatic aberration reduction in broad wavelength range

Chromatic aberration of CFI Plan Apochromat 10XC Glyc has been corrected from 405nm to 1064nm. Because of the broad chromatic aberration correction, this lens is ideally suited for multiphoton imaging of thick samples such as brain tissue, which typically require longer wavelengths for imaging.


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Model name CFI Plan Apochromat 10XC Glyc
Magnification 10X
Numerical aperture 0.5
Working distance 5.5mm
Parfocal distance 60mm
Correction ring Equipped : Refractive index correction of liquid immersion medium
Refractive index correctable range 1.33 to 1.51
Usable cover glass thickness 0 to 0.17mm

Sample image captured by CFI Plan Apochromat 10XC Glyc

Fixed YFP-H mouse brain clarified with optical clearing solution*

Stitched image captured with Multi Photon Microscope A1RMP+, CPI Plan Apochromat 10XC Glyc
Photographed with the cooperation of : Dr. Ryosuke Kawakami, Dr. Tomomi Nemoto, Research Institute for Electronic Science, Hokkaido University

  • *Whole brain image with captured with transgenic mouse labeled with yellow fluorescent protein (YFP-H)

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