New Objective lens for Biological Microscope CFI SR HP Plan Apochromat Lambda S 100XC Sil

May 22, 2017

Nikon Corporation (Kazuo Ushida, President, Tokyo) is pleased to announce the release of a new silicone immersion objective lens, CFI SR HP Plan Apochromat Lambda S 100XC Sil, for super-resolution and multi-modal imaging.
Nikon's new silicone immersion objective lens combines high numerical aperture and working distance to enable super-resolution imaging of thick samples as well as correlative imaging with applications such as confocal.

This product will be presented at "17th International European Light Microscopy Initiative Meeting" (May 23-26 at Dubrovnik, Croatia)

Product information

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Product Name CFI SR HP Plan Apochromat Lambda S 100XC Sil
Availability From the end of July 2017

Product Concept

Super-resolution imaging techniques are becoming widely used to extract molecular-level spatial information. As these techniques grow in popularity, there are increasing demands to adapt these applications to thicker samples and to correlate data acquired with different super-resolution techniques and even with images acquired with more conventional techniques such as confocal. Nikon's new CFI SR HP Plan Apochromat Lambda S 100XC Sil objective and silicone immersion medium provide high resolution, long working distance imaging capability to support these needs.

Primary Features

1. High resolution imaging of thick specimens

The CFI SR HP Plan Apochromat Lambda S 100XC Sil objective is designed for use with Nikon's new silicone oil (ne≒1.40), to provide high resolution imaging of thick samples. Nikon's silicone oil closely matches the refractive index of the specimen (ne≒1.38) to reduce spherical aberration when imaging through thick samples, resulting in bright and clear images. The newly developed Nikon silicone oil also achieves excellent viscosity to maintain the immersion liquid during long-term observation.

2. Ideal for super-resolution microscopy "N-SIM" "N-STORM"

The optical characteristics of CFI SR HP Plan Apochromat Lambda S 100XC Sil is highly corrected and supports high laser power transmission. Combined with its high N.A. and long working distance, the new Nikon silicone immersion objective enables 3D, multi-color super-resolution imaging of thick samples. The new objective is compatible with both structured illumination (N-SIM) and single-molecule localization (N-STORM) based super-resolution techniques.

3. Achieving accurate chromatic aberration reduction and high transmission rates across a broad spectrum, from UV to near IR

Chromatic aberration is precision-corrected over a wide wavelength range from visible to ultraviolet. Nikon's highly acclaimed, proprietary, anti-reflective Nano Crystal Coat is utilized to achieve high transmission from UV to near IR wavelengths.

4. Improved operability for multi imaging modalities

Confocal imaging is a well-established imaging method and widely used for its ability to provide broad contextual information. The new CFI SR HP Plan Apochromat Lambda S 100XC Sil works seamlessly with confocal systems to enable correlative imaging between confocal and super-resolution techniques. This objective lens also eliminates the need to switch objective lenses between N-SIM and N-STORM, providing a seamless workflow between super-resolution techniques.


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Model name CFI SR HP Plan Apochromat Lambda S 100XC Sil
Magnification 100X
Numerical aperture 1.35
Working distance 0.3 mm
Parfocal distance 60 mm
Correction ring Equipped
Usable cover glass thickness 0.15 - 0.19 mm
Usable temperature 23 to 37°C /73.4 to 98.6° F

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