Nikon enters agreement for business transfer of Coordinate Measuring Machines business

February 8, 2018

Nikon Corporation (Kazuo Ushida, President, Tokyo, hereinafter refer to as “Nikon”) has accepted an agreement for the business transfer of CMM business* between consolidated subsidiary of Nikon Corporation, Nikon Metrology NV (Hajime Kosawa, CEO, Belgium) and ASF Metrology s.r.l. (Angelo Muscarella, Director, Italy, hereinafter refer to as “ASF”). The transaction is expected to be closed within 2 months.

  • *CMM Business: Development, manufacture, sales, and service of Coordinate Measuring Machines

1. Background of Agreement

Nikon's CMM solutions enable customers in the automotive and aerospace industries to optimize their inspection processes and improve product quality. As a part of the companywide restructuring plan, announced in November 2016, and a strategic product review, Nikon has decided to focus on optical 3D Metrology and X-ray/CT inspection systems solutions.

ASF, with their experience in the CMM market, will contribute to the expansion of the customer base. The agreement will allow both companies to focus on a more efficient growth strategy for each of their respective businesses.

2. Overview of Agreement

Business CMM (ALTERA series, LK series, CAMIO software)
Transfer to ASF Metrology s.r.l.

3. Corporate Profile of ASF

Corporate Name ASF Metrology s.r.l.
Head Office Corso Giuseppe Siccardi 11/bis, 10122 Turin, Italy
Representative Director, Angelo Muscarella
Business Description Sales and Service of Measuring Instruments
Capital 100,000 EUR
Date of Establishment March 20, 2006

4. Schedule

Signing the Agreement February 8, 2018
Receipt put option for France* February 8, 2018

Closing of the transaction (for all countries) is to be expected within 2 months.

  • *The CMM business in France is subject to a put option, in accordance with specific French regulations (Loi Hamon). Under French law a company can only agree to transfer its business to a potential buyer after it has given the opportunity to its employees to also make an offer to buy the business at stake. Nikon is committed to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations.

The information is current as of the date of publication. It is subject to change without notice.