Nikon releases the high-power zoom COOLPIX B600

January 17, 2019

A versatile camera that covers wide-angle to super-telephoto shooting for imaging experiences simply not possible with a smartphone

TOKYO - Nikon Corporation (Nikon) is pleased to announce the release of the COOLPIX B600, a compact digital camera equipped with a high-performance 60x optical zoom NIKKOR lens.

The COOLPIX B600 employs a 60x optical zoom NIKKOR lens that covers a range of equivalent focal lengths beginning at wide-angle 24 mm*1 and ending at super-telephoto 1440 mm*1 (Dynamic Fine Zoom further expands the zoom ratio to 120x*2), making it possible for users to enjoy super-telephoto photography without compromising sharp and clear resolution.

The camera has an effective pixel count of 16.0 megapixels and supports a maximum sensitivity of ISO 6400. Its combination of backside illumination CMOS sensor and EXPEED high-performance image-processing engine captures superior still and video quality, even at high sensitivities. The COOLPIX B600 is also equipped with a variety of functions that enable a diverse power of expression, including 19 scene modes, as well as a Creative mode that offers a total of 36 different effects.

The camera also features functions that make it easier to use as a high-power zoom model and ensure increased operability, such as a Snap-back zoom button and Side zoom control, as well as a shooting mode dial that enables immediate switching between frequently used shooting modes. It is also SnapBridge compatible, so high-quality images can be automatically downloaded to a smart device*3 for easy sharing.

  • *1Equivalent focal length in 35mm [135] format.
  • *2At the maximum image size. The maximum zoom ratio varies by image size. Dynamic Fine Zoom refers to the area in which the camera can zoom while maintaining resolution from the maximum zoom position, and is the combined ratio of optical zoom from the maximum wide-angle position and digital zoom.
  • *3iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch® and Android™ devices to which the SnapBridge app has been installed can be used. The SnapBridge app can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store® and Google Play™. See Nikon's website for further information.

Primary features

  • 1.A compact body equipped with a 60x optical zoom lens that covers a wide range of focal lengths from wide-angle to super-telephoto

    The COOLPIX B600 employs a high-performance 60x optical zoom NIKKOR lens that covers the wide-angle 24 mm to super-telephoto 1440 mm*1 range of focal lengths. Sharpness is preserved throughout the digital zoom range, which is expandable to 120x*2, or a focal length equivalent to approximately 2880 mm*1, with Digital Fine Zoom realizing sharp and clear rendering even when shooting in super-telephoto mode. The COOLPIX B600 is also equipped with Macro mode, which allows users to enjoy macro photography with shooting as close as 1 cm (0.4 in.) to the lens at the maximum wide-angle position.

    • *1Equivalent focal length in 35mm [135] format.
    • *2At the maximum image size setting.

  • 2.Superior image quality that enables recording of beautiful stills and movies

    The combination of the backside illumination CMOS sensor and high-performance image processing engine EXPEED makes the most of the superior resolution of the high-performance NIKKOR lens, and enables recording of photos and movies with excellent image and picture quality, even at high sensitivities. The COOLPIX B600 is also equipped with a Vibration Reduction (VR) mechanism capable of reducing the effects of camera shake to the same degree as would a 3.0-stop* increase in shutter speed with still-image photography, and 4-axis Hybrid VR that effectively reduces blur with movie recording. This allows users to capture sharp photos and movies with noticeably less blur, even at the maximum telephoto position and in dark or dimly lit surroundings.

    • *Measured in accordance with CIPA Standards; at approx. 350 mm (equivalent focal length in 35mm [135] format).

  • 3.Diverse power of expression that is easy to achieve

    The COOLPIX B600 is equipped with a variety of functions that enable diverse power of expression, including 19 scene modes, with which the user simply selects the most appropriate mode for the scene, while the camera automatically applies the appropriate settings, as well as Creative mode with its 36 effects offering the optimal combinations of exposure, contrast, and color reproduction, making it easy for users to express themselves as intended.

  • 4.Superior operability that pursues user friendliness as a high-power zoom model

    The COOLPIX B600 is also equipped with a Snap-back zoom button that temporarily expands the visible area (angle of view) a certain degree while it is held down so that the subject may be reacquired. In addition, the Side zoom control enables smooth zooming even while recording movies.

  • 5.SnapBridge support for automatic transfer of photos captured with the camera to a smart device

    A constant connection between the camera and a smart device is possible using the SnapBridge app, built-in Wi-Fi®, and Bluetooth® technology. Not only can images recorded with the camera be transferred to a smart device automatically*1, they can also be automatically uploaded to Nikon's photo sharing service, NIKON IMAGE SPACE*2. The SnapBridge app supports a number of other features as well, including the ability to add copyright information and comments, such as exposure information to images, and to automatically synchronize camera date/time and location information with that of the smart device. SnapBridge also makes remote shooting of still images possible with real-time display of the view through the camera's lens in the smart device screen.

    • *1Images are resized to 2 megapixels (2 million pixels) with automatic transfer. The transfer of original JPEG images and movies is not supported. Transfer of RAW (NRW) images is not supported.
    • *2There is no limit on the number or size (volume) of JPEG thumbnail images (2 megapixels) that can be automatically uploaded from the SnapBridge app. Storage for original JPEG images is limited to 20 GB. A Nikon ID must be registered to take advantage of this feature.

  • 6.Additional features
    • A mode dial that allows users to easily apply one of the ten most frequently used shooting modes by simply rotating the dial to the appropriate icon
    • A Pre-focus function that is effective with zooming and shooting in dark or dimly lit surroundings due to the camera always focusing automatically
    • Target finding AF, where the user simply points the camera at the intended subject and the camera automatically predicts and focuses on it
    • Recording of 1080/60i (50i) and 1080/30p Full HD movies with stereo sound
    • Short movie show that allows users to easily create a movie up to 30 seconds in length from multiple movie clips
    • Support for the ML-L7 Remote Control, which is capable of a variety of operations over a Bluetooth® connection to the camera
    • Adoption of the EN-EL12 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery, which can be charged while inserted in the camera, over a USB connection
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