Nikon Announces Investment in RF Solutions Provider Optisys, Inc.

Accelerating RF Solutions with Additive Manufacturing

September 14, 2022

Tokyo - Nikon Corporation (Nikon) today announced an investment in Optisys, Inc. (Optisys), a global industry leader in the design and manufacture of metal printed antennas for commercial and government applications where high performance, size, and weight are critical. The Optisys IP portfolio includes many proprietary antenna designs as well as revolutionary design improvements that support mass customization capabilities.

The demand for communications and radar antenna systems produced using metal additive manufacturing continues to grow as users recognize the benefits in size, weight, and power reduction (SWaP). Designing for metal 3D printing creates highly specialized components that provide enhanced performance. It also enables rapid modifications and simplifies integration of new features, while providing a net reduction in total parts by enabling multiple antenna components to be designed into a single piece. Optisys utilizes integrated design, manufacturing, and test processes to deliver cost-effective, tailored solutions in shorter development time, while ensuring critical product performance for the aerospace industry.

Nikon has long been recognized for manufacturing some of the most precise equipment ever made. Its products and technology are used in applications ranging from medical systems to satellites and automotive, as well as semiconductor processing and mass production of panels for TVs and a host of smart devices. By leveraging synergies resulting from global alliances and strategic investments with companies at the forefront of their industries, the Nikon Next Generation Project Division strives to accelerate growth in additive manufacturing and other pivotal technologies.

This investment will enable Nikon and Optisys to boost utilization of metal additive manufacturing for applications including high-performance antennas and other RF products. “This investment in Optisys is another central element of our Next Generation Project program to propel industrialization of digital manufacturing, “Yuichi Shibazaki, Nikon Corporate Vice President and General Manager of the Next Generation Project Division said. “Optisys' industry leadership and precision design and manufacturing capabilities are well-aligned with Nikon core technologies and our vision for the future. We look forward to partnering with their team to expand the additive manufacturing horizon.”

Janos Opra, Chief Executive Officer of Optisys, said, "Nikon's investment and expertise in additive manufacturing and advanced manufacturing techniques gives Optisys access to an ecosystem where we will be able to produce high-performance printed antennas in commercial volumes. This will enable Optisys to bring additive manufactured antennas into the mainstream for the most demanding market segments in both commercial and government applications."

About Nikon

Nikon has been a pioneer in optical technology markets worldwide since its inception in 1917. Today, utilizing advanced technologies, Nikon offers a wide range of products and solutions from digital cameras and binoculars to industrial precision equipment such as FPD and semiconductor lithography systems, microscopes, measuring instruments and products for the healthcare industry. Nikon aims to take advantage of its technologies to generate new core pillars of growth including material processing while continuing to be a leading company in precision and optics fields resulting in sustainable long-term increase in enterprise value.

About Optisys

Optisys is an antenna design company that specializes in the use of metal additive manufacturing. Optisys designs and manufactures highly integrated antenna structures that achieve the lightest weight and smallest volume possible. Reduced size and weight of antennas allow for more payload and greater complexity of antenna solutions. Features such as high frequency, full-duplex, high data-rate communication, and tracking antennas become a possibility for many aerospace applications. For more information about Optisys: www.optisys.comOpen in a new window

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