Nikon Establishes New Company in the United States to Transform the Future of Digital Manufacturing

Marks Critical Milestone in Vision 2030

April 26, 2023

  • New company will be based in California, United States and serve as global headquarters of Advanced Manufacturing Business Unit established in April 2023
  • Locates expert resources and decision makers in close proximity to customers and industry partners
  • Consolidates Nikon assets to drive innovation and synergy, while enabling SLM Solutions Group AG and Morf3D Inc. to separately support individual customer programs and requirements
  • Provides customers with one-stop shop and turn-key factory options

Tokyo - Nikon Corporation (Nikon) today announced the formation of Nikon Advanced Manufacturing, Inc. (Hamid Zarringhalam, CEO and Yuichi Shibazaki, Co-CEO) and will begin its operation in July 2023.This new customer-centric digital manufacturing solutions company will be based in California, United States, and serve as the global headquarters of the Advanced Manufacturing Business Unit established in April 2023. The company's launch marks a significant milestone in the Nikon Vision 2030 strategic plan set forth in Medium-Term Management Plan (FY2022 - 2025).

In its Vision 2030 statement, Nikon established the goal to become a key technology solutions company in a global society where humans and machines co-create seamlessly, with a strategic emphasis on digital manufacturing. By building on the century-long Nikon foundation of cutting-edge opto-electronics and precision technologies, coupled with its iconic brand that is synonymous with trust, Nikon believes it will enable innovations in manufacturing with applied optics application technologies together with customers and partners.

In 2019, Nikon established a specialized division to accelerate the launch of new growth businesses such as advanced manufacturing. Since then, by leveraging synergies resulting from strategic investments including acquisition of SLM Solutions Group AG (SLM), a global provider of integrated metal additive manufacturing solutions, and prior to that, Morf3D Inc. (Morf3D), a provider of end-to-end solutions in additive manufacturing, Nikon has taken major steps towards the industrialization of digital manufacturing. These transformative programs culminated in the exciting launch of Nikon Advanced Manufacturing, Inc., which will be in charge of scaling and managing all assets including organically developed as well as consolidation, synergizing, harmonization and governance of acquired entities.

This will be the first time in its more than 100-year history, that the global headquarters of a Nikon business unit will be outside of Japan. SLM, Morf3D and other Nikon digital manufacturing investments will consolidate within Nikon Advanced Manufacturing, Inc. and the new company will also be responsible for existing additive manufacturing business. The California location provides excellent proximity to customers and partners including the aerospace, space and defense industries, and will bring together a highly skilled, diverse and inclusive team focused on the success of the organization and its customers.

Nikon Advanced Manufacturing, Inc. combines extensive Nikon experience in high-tech manufacturing with the tremendous capabilities of SLM and Morf3D. Nikon envisions providing options for holistic, industrialized and fully scalable solutions, including enabling global turn-key factory opportunities for customers at locations of their choosing. In addition, SLM and Morf3D will continue to separately support their own customers' programs and requirements.

Hamid Zarringhalam, CEO, said, “In recent years, Nikon has executed pivotal investments and bold acquisitions focused on building a comprehensive portfolio of technology, industry knowledge and vision. “Yuichi Shibazaki, Co-CEO, explained, “Nikon DED additive, subtractive and CT scanning solutions are perfectly complemented by the industry-leading L-PBF systems from SLM Solutions as well as Morf3D's strong innovation pipeline and specialized aerospace qualifications. Nikon Advanced Manufacturing will enable us to work together with our partners and customers to unlock the incredible potential of advanced manufacturing and contribute to a more sustainable society.”

Company Overview

Company name Nikon Advanced Manufacturing, Inc.
Address California, United States
Capital U.S $25,000,000
Representative Hamid Zarringhalam CEO
Yuichi Shibazaki Co-CEO
Main business Global headquarters of Advanced Manufacturing Business Unit responsible for scaling and managing the additive manufacturing business.
Capital structure Nikon Americas Inc. 100%

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