Nikon releases versatile large-volume X-ray and CT Systems “VOXLS 40 C 450”

Wide variety of inspections and measurement from electronics to automotive and aerospace components

April 27, 2023

"VOXLS 40 C 450"

TOKYO - Nikon Corporation (Nikon) is pleased to announce the launch of the large-volume high-performance X-ray and CT Systems "VOXLS 40 C 450". This product realizes non-destructive inspection of various components, from small to large by using the X-ray and CT (computed tomography scan) function to implement high-accuracy measurement, confirmation of internal shapes, and defect analysis. It supports innovative manufacturing such as the production of lithium-ion battery individual cells and modules of electric vehicles (EV), for which demand is expected to increase, in addition to automotive and aerospace parts.

Nikon has decided to use VOXLS (Volumetric X-ray Leading Solutions) as the unified brand name for its X-ray and CT Systems. "VOXLS 40 C 450" will be the first product using new brand name.

"VOXLS 40 C 450" has been jointly developed by Nikon and Avonix Imaging, LLC (Jeffrey Diehm and Brian Ruether, Co-Managing Directors, "Avonix"), which is involved in the production, sales, and services of X-ray and CT Systems, and which, all of its shares are to be acquired by one of Nikon's US subsidiaries*. The production for the Asia region including Japan is undertaken by Sendai Nikon Corporation (Masaki Hashimoto, President), a subsidiary of Nikon.

The effectiveness of non-destructive inspection using the X-ray and CT function has been widely recognized, and the need for inspection of larger parts and prototypes is increasing. "VOXLS 40 C 450" has realized the largest maximum imaging area for single-piece cabinet in the industry with a height of 1,415 mm and diameter of 800 mm. This product can mount two X-ray sources and supports a wide range of applications, from manufacturers to research institutions.

Nikon plans to work with Avonix to expand the product lineup, in order to contribute to the manufacturing innovation of customers both at home and abroad.

  • *Subject to applicable regulatory clearances and other contractual conditions.

Release Overview

Product Name X-ray and CT Systems "VOXLS 40 C 450"
Order Start Date April 27, 2023

Development Background

The non-destructive inspection that enables steric observation, without destroying a product, using the X-ray and CT Systems is widely used in the fields of research, development, and production management, where the safety and reliability of the product are evaluated. In recent years, products that are formed using new methods are increasing against the background of the popularization of 3D printers, etc.
To meet various needs in the field of X-ray and CT Systems, Nikon has prepared a wide lineup of products such as a system for inspecting small items mainly focusing on electronic components and a system optimized for material characteristics to respond to the customization requests of each customer. This time, Nikon has completely remodeled the system for large-scale inspection, for which the market needs are expanding.

Main Features

1. Multi-purpose system that can inspect from small to large parts

The combination of 225 kV and 450 kV micro focus X-ray sources developed by Nikon, two types of detectors (a line sensor (CLDA) and high-resolution flat panel), and a mechanism that can adjust the distance between the X-ray source and detector, can respond to a wide range of customer applications. This is a multi-purpose system that realizes the largest maximum imaging area for single-piece cabinet in the industry, with a height of 1,415 mm and diameter of 800 mm and enables the inspection of small to large parts.

2. Satisfying both high speed and high resolution

225 kV and 450 kV micro focus X-ray sources can separately select a rotating reflection target. Efficient cooling by rotating the target realizes high resolution that can be obtained in small focus size and high-speed inspection with high output at the same time.

Main Specifications

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Radiation source 225 kV reflection target or rotating reflection target (standard)
450 kV rotating reflection target (standard)
Other micro focus x-ray source (option)
Maximum output 225 W (when 225 kV reflection target is used)
450 W (when 225 kV rotating reflection target is used)
450 W (when 450 kV rotating reflection target is used)
Detector FPD (imaging area 432 mm x 432 mm, density resolution 16-bit)
CLDA (imaging area 819 mm, density resolution 16-bit)
Number of axes of manipulator (standard) 7 axes
Maximum load weight 275 kg
Maximum imaging area Φ800 mm x 1,415 mm (depending on the size of detector)
Dimensions of device (W x D x H) 3,617 x 2,057 x 2,743 mm
Weight 20,000 kg

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