Nikon Reorganizes Subsidiary Morf3D: Introducing Nikon AM Synergy

July 10, 2024

Tokyo - Nikon Corporation (Nikon) is pleased to unveil a strategic reorganization of its Morf3D Inc. (Morf3D), a subsidiary of Nikon, transforming and relaunching it under the new name Nikon AM Synergy Inc. (Nikon AM Synergy). Following Nikon's full acquisition of Morf3D in July 2023, the company has undergone a significant realignment to better support Nikon's advanced manufacturing business strategy.

This transformation includes new leadership and a refreshed mission to align with Nikon's broader goals. The reorganization involves a decisive shift from the former general-purpose contract manufacturing (CM) service bureau business, leading to the closure of the El Segundo, California location and the divestment of non-essential equipment. Now operating from Nikon's advanced manufacturing business unit facility in Long Beach, California, Nikon AM Synergy is dedicated to accelerating the adoption and scaling of metal additive manufacturing (AM) for cutting-edge applications, with a particular focus on the defense and aerospace sectors. This will be achieved through the integration of Nikon SLM Solutions AG's leading laser powder bed fusion (L-PBF) technology and Nikon's internally developed directed energy deposition (DED) solutions, enhanced by premier metallurgy and metrology capabilities.

Nikon AM Synergy will offer specialized capabilities within an ultra-secure environment in the United States, meeting the stringent security requirements of defense and aerospace clients. These capabilities are bolstered by a newly revitalized business development team, well-versed in industry knowledge and already delivering results for strategic customers. Commenting on this pivotal development, Hamid Zarringhalam, CEO of Nikon Advanced Manufacturing Inc., global headquarters of advanced manufacturing business unit, stated, “Our strategic realignment has sharpened our focus and optimized our global resources to drive the Nikon Vision 2030 plan forward. By facilitating the adoption, enablement, and scaling of advanced manufacturing solutions, we are positioning Nikon as a leader in on-shore industrial manufacturing. We look forward to announcing the next significant phase of our plan to transform the manufacturing landscape.”

This reorganization marks a crucial step in Nikon's journey to establish digital manufacturing as a core growth pillar, underscoring the company's commitment to innovation and industry leadership.

The information is current as of the date of publication. It is subject to change without notice.