Nikon D3 Wins CAMERA GRAND PRIX 2008 Camera of the Year and Readers Award

May 19, 2008

Tokyo – Nikon Corporation is pleased to announce that the Nikon D3 digital SLR camera has been selected by Japan's Camera Press Club as CAMERA GRAND PRIX 2008 Camera of the Year.
A committee chose the D3, Nikon's flagship SLR camera, as the most outstanding among 170 competing cameras introduced to the market between April 1, 2007 and March 31, 2008.
The D3 is the first Nikon digital SLR camera to use the full 24x36mm image area of traditional 35mm film, a format desired by many photographers in the professional to advanced amateur range. Other factors cited by committee members were the D3's new functions that perform beyond expectations.
The D3 also won the CAMERA GRAND PRIX 2008 Readers Award that was established for the Camera Grand Prix 25th anniversary. The camera attracted the most Readers Award votes among general users during Photo Image Expo (PIE) 2008 held in Tokyo March 19-22.
Before these latest awards, the previous Nikon honored as Camera of the Year was the Nikon D200 in 2006. The D3 is the sixth Nikon camera overall to win the honor. The D3 has also received the Technical Image Press Association (TIPA)'s prestigious award, "Best D-SLR Professional in Europe 2008."
Distributed since November 2007, the Nikon D3 has earned an excellent reputation primarily among professional and advanced amateur photographers.

About Camera Grand Prix

For its 25th anniversary, the Camera Grand Prix Award has been renamed the CAMERA GRAND PRIX Camera of the Year. In addition, the CAMERA GRAND PRIX Readers Award, which general users vote for, was established this year. The Camera Press Club, established in September 1963 by a group of writers for photography magazines, now includes representatives of 12 magazines. The Camera Grand Prix executive committee awards the Camera of the Year prize to the still camera that it considers to be the best. This year's 55 committee members include Camera Press Club members, chief editors or representatives of affiliated magazines, outside members appointed by the executive committee and special members such as scholars, technical writers, photographers and representatives of photography-related organizations.

Main Reasons Why the Nikon D3 Was Awarded the Prize

As a Nikon FX-format flagship model, the D3 features innovations including the newly developed CMOS sensor (12.1 effective megapixels), high sensitivity of ISO 6400 at normal settings, high-density 51-point AF and various high-performance functions.

Previous Nikon Wins

2008 marks the 25th anniversary of Camera Grand Prix (established 1984).

  • The 1st Grand Prix (1984): Nikon FA
  • The 6th Grand Prix (1989): Nikon F4/F4S
  • The 14th Grand Prix (1997): Nikon F5
  • The 21st Grand Prix (2004): Nikon D70
  • The 23rd Grand Prix (2006): Nikon D200

The D3 is the sixth Nikon camera to win the Camera Grand Prix.

CAMERA GRAND PRIX 2008, Camera of the Year Nikon D3
CAMERA GRAND PRIX 2008, Readers Award Nikon D3

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