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Nikon announces reorganization of corporate structure

May 16, 2014

Nikon Corporation (Makoto Kimura, President, Tokyo) today announced a reorganization of its corporate structure to build a foundation designed to support sustainable growth and establish a more robust corporate culture.

Nikon aims to build a stronger, growing business portfolio by further solidifying its core businesses of imaging and precision equipment while enhancing its instruments and medical businesses.

This structural reorganization is indispensable for Nikon to respond agilely to the changing business environment and to realize sustainable growth. This is the most transformative reorganization for the company since the introduction of its in-house company system in October 1999.

Date of execution

June 27, 2014


1. Conduct fundamental structural reform

To enable fundamental structural reform so that top-level decisions are more directly reflected in its business management, Nikon has decided to move away from the in-house company system, which has existed for about 15 years, and move on to divisional organization under direct control of the President.

2. Revitalize corporate strategy functions

The new Corporate Strategy Division will clarify, plan and promote Nikon’s corporate direction and strategy. This division is responsible for corporate structural reform through investing and allocating corporate resources in a strategic, agile manner. The division has a department dedicated to exploring the utilization of external resources, including potential M&As or collaboration with other companies.

3. Strengthen human resource management

Human resources are the key to the sustainable growth of any company, so Nikon will improve the utilization of its human resources and training. Nikon promotes internal job rotation to nurture talent essential to the future of the company by enabling staff members to experience a wider variety of roles.

4. Accelerate the creation of new businesses

To reinforce its business portfolio, Nikon is establishing the Medical Business Development Division to generate and nurture new businesses in the areas of health and medical care.

Outline of management reform

New organization

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