The Industry's Most Advanced Immersion Scanner for Multiple Patterning

Nikon Announces NEW NSR-S631E ArF Immersion Scanner

February 18, 2016

NSR-S631E ArF Immersion Scanner

Nikon Corporation (Kazuo Ushida, President, Minato-ku Tokyo) has released the latest generation Nikon ArF immersion scanner, the NSR-S631E. This Lithography system was developed for use in 7-nm node processes in high-volume semiconductor manufacturing. It supports multiple patterning*, and features the high accuracy and excellent productivity of the proven Streamlign Platform (also used in the well-known NSR-S630D). The NSR-S631E meets next-generation customer manufacturing requirements with further overlay and throughput enhancements that are critical in multiple patterning processes.

Product overview

Product name NSR-S631E ArF immersion scanner
Sales Launch January 2016

Development background

High-volume manufacturing of today's leading-edge semiconductors is transitioning to 10-nm node processes, while development is transitioning to 7-nm node processes. Further miniaturization of circuit patterns in photolithography processes continues to rely on multiple patterning technology using ArF immersion exposure systems. Enhanced overlay accuracy and productivity are essential for these exposure systems.
The NSR-S631E delivers mix-and-match overlay (MMO*) of 2.3 nm or below through the use of a new type of projection lens, as well as improved alignment system mark detection and measurement. The S631E also maximizes fab productivity with throughput capabilities up to 270 (96-shot) wafers per hour.

Key features

1. Equipped with Streamlign Platform

2. Improved on-product performance

The S631E incorporates a newly developed projection lens design that provides better aberration correction functionality to ensure optimal imaging performance.
In addition, an innovative measurement optics system enhances alignment and focus accuracy on product.

Performance Overview

Resolution ≤ 38 nm
NA 1.35
Light source ArF excimer laser(193 nm)
Reduction ratio ¼
Maximum exposure area 26 x 33 mm
Overlay accuracy (M+3σ) SMO*1 ≤ 1.7 nm
Overlay accuracy (M+3σ) MMO*2 ≤ 2.3 nm
300 mm wafers per hour (96 shots)
≥ 250 WPH
≥ 270 WPH (optional)

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