Nikon Introduces MONARCH Fieldscope Series

July 14, 2016

Nikon Vision Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Nikon Corporation, is pleased to announce the release of its MONARCH Fieldscope models, consisting of four Fieldscope bodies and three eyepieces exclusively designed for the series.

Employing a new optical design, these MONARCH Fieldscopes deliver high optical performance with a crystal-clear field of view. As successor models to the ED82/EDIII Fieldscopes, they will provide an exciting new experience of observation.

MONARCH Fieldscopes ensure a contrast-rich field of view with Nikon's ED (extra-low dispersion) glass and true-to-life colour fidelity, with multilayer coating applied to all lens and prism surfaces for powerful light transmission.

The MEP eyepieces utilise a new optical system, and feature a Field Flattener Lens System that achieves consistent sharpness and clarity across the entire field of view. While providing a wide field of view, sufficiently long eye relief is also assured.

When attached to a Fieldscope, each of these MEP eyepieces is waterproof, ensuring safe use even during unexpected weather changes.

The new MONARCH Fieldscopes are true heirs to the widely acclaimed "MONARCH" brand which has gained tremendous popularity among birdwatchers and nature observation lovers. As a brand that consistently delivers highly reliable performance, Nikon remains committed to the further expansion of its attractive MONARCH lineup to meet the needs of a wide range of users around the world.

MONARCH Fieldscopes

MONARCH Fieldscope 82ED-S+MEP-20-60
MONARCH Fieldscope 82ED-A+MEP-20-60
MONARCH Fieldscope 60ED-S+MEP-20-60
MONARCH Fieldscope 60ED-A+MEP-20-60

Fieldscope Eyepiece MEP Series


MONARCH Fieldscope Key Features

Fieldscope Eyepiece MEP Series Common Key Features

MEP-38W Key Features
38x (When attached to MONARCH Fieldscope 82 series)
30x (When attached to MONARCH Fieldscope 60 series)

MEP-20-60 Key Features
20-60x (When attached to MONARCH Fieldscope 82 series)
16-48x (When attached to MONARCH Fieldscope 60 series)

MEP-30-60W Key Features
30-60x (When attached to MONARCH Fieldscope 82 series)
24-48x (When attached to MONARCH Fieldscope 60 series)

MONARCH Fieldscope Specifications

Model name MONARCH Fieldscope 82ED-S MONARCH Fieldscope 82ED-A MONARCH Fieldscope 60ED-S MONARCH Fieldscope 60ED-A
Objective diameter (mm) 82 60
Close focusing distance (m/ft) 5.0/16.4 3.3/10.8
Filter-attachment size (mm) 86 (P=1.0) 67 (P=0.75)
Length (mm/in.) (body only) *1 325 (355*2)/
12.8 (14.0*2)
334 (364*2)/
13.1 (14.3*2)
262 (285*2)/
10.3 (11.2*2)
270 (293*2)/
10.6 (11.5*2)
Height (mm/in.) (body only) *1 124/4.9 112/4.4 124/4.9 110/4.3
Width (mm/in.) (body only) *1 103/4.1 108/4.3 93/3.7 98/3.9
Weight (g/oz) (body only) *1 1,650/
Waterproof performance Fieldscope unit: Waterproof and fog-proof (up to 1 m (3.3 ft) for 10 min., nitrogen gas purged)*3

MONARCH Fieldscope MEP Eyepiece Specifications

Model name MEP-38W MEP-20-60 MEP-30-60W
with MONARCH 82 series with MONARCH 60 series with MONARCH 82 series with MONARCH 60 series with MONARCH 82 series with MONARCH 60 series
Magnification (x) 38 30 20-60 16-48 30-60 24-48
Angular field of view (Real/degree) 2.0 2.5 2.1-1.0*3 2.6-1.2*3 2.0-1.2*3 2.5-1.5*3
Angular field of view (Apparent/degree)*1 66.4 40.4-54.3*3 55.3-65.6*3
Field of view at 1,000 m/yd. (m/ft.) 35/105 44/132 37-17*3/
Exit pupil (mm) 2.2 2.0 4.1-1.4*3 3.8-1.3*3 2.7-1.4*3 2.5-1.3*3
4.8 4.0 16.8-2.0*3 14.4-1.7*3 7.3-2.0*3 6.3-1.6*3
Eye relief (mm) 18.5 16.1-15.3*3 15.2-14.2*3
Length (mm/in.) *2 73/2.9 89/3.5 91/3.6 (with DS) *4
92/3.6 (with TS) *5
Outer diameter (mm/in.)*2 61/2.4 62/2.4 62/2.4
Weight (g/oz)*2 270/9.5 350/12.3 370/13.1 (with DS)*4
400/14.1 (with TS)*5
Waterproof performance Eyepiece: Not waterproof
With Fieldscope attached: Waterproof (water equivalent to 5mm (0.2 in.) per minute for a duration of 30 minutes)*6

The information is current as of the date of publication. It is subject to change without notice.