Nikon releases the Z 7II full-frame mirrorless camera

October 14, 2020

Evolution of the top-class Z-series model that maximizes the performance of the large-diameter Z mount, demonstrating outstanding rendering capabilities


TOKYO - Nikon Corporation (Nikon) is pleased to announce the release of the Z 7II full-frame (Nikon FX-format) mirrorless camera for which the Nikon Z mount has been adopted.

The Z 7II is a full-frame, high-resolution mirrorless camera with a 45.7 megapixel sensor that achieves realistic rendering. The Z 7II is able to fully harness the optical performance of NIKKOR Z lenses, which maximize the rich light taken in through the Z mount, with a diameter of 55 mm — the largest among full-frame format mirrorless cameras* – the result of which is outstanding rendering. While inheriting the superior rendering capabilities of the Nikon Z 7, reliability as an imaging tool, as well as operability have been further improved. Additionally, it demonstrates superior subject acquisition performance, as well as enabling efficient shooting workflow. The Z 7II supports the creative activities of professional and advanced amateur photographers, and is especially effective for shooting scenes that require detailed rendering, such as landscapes and portraits.

Nikon will continue to pursue a new dimension in optical performance while meeting users' needs, contributing to the development of imaging culture, with the hope of expanding possibilities for imaging expression.

Primary Features

MB-N11 Power Battery Pack primary features

The MB-N11 Power Battery Pack is the first battery pack for the Z series, and is ideal for vertical shooting. It is compatible with the Z 7II and the Z 6II. It has a grip that offers the same firm and comfortable hold as the cameras themselves, and provides great stability when a lens is mounted on the camera. It also achieves superior dust- and drip-resistance. Additionally, the MB-N11 Power Battery Pack supports a hot-swap system that allows the battery to be changed without interrupting shooting. Furthermore, the MB-N11 Power Battery Pack is compatible with USB power delivery, enabling power supply to the camera via a portable charger*1, *2 or AC adapter while connected to a computer, in addition to supporting stand-alone USB charging. The MB-N11 Power Battery Pack is perfect not only for scenes that require vertical shooting, such as portrait photography, but also for capturing shots for time-lapse landscapes, and moving subjects like trains and airplanes.

Attached to the Z 7II
Attached to the Z 7II

The NIKKOR Z Lens Lineup Expansion to 2022

Nikon will continue to lead imaging culture by providing products that stimulate the creative imaginations of customers around the world with a wide variety of high-quality lenses.

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