Nikon releases the NIKKOR Z 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 VR S, NIKKOR Z 24-120mm f/4 S and Mount Adapter FTZ II

October 28, 2021

Further expanding the NIKKOR Z lens lineup

NIKKOR Z 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 VR S
NIKKOR Z 24-120mm f/4 S
Mount Adapter FTZ II

TOKYO - Nikon Corporation (Nikon) is pleased to announce the release of the NIKKOR Z 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 VR S, a super-telephoto zoom lens, and the NIKKOR Z 24-120mm f/4 S, a standard zoom lens, that are compatible with full-frame (Nikon FX-format) mirrorless cameras for which the Nikon Z mount system has been adopted, as well as the Mount Adapter FTZ II.

The NIKKOR Z 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 VR S, the first super-telephoto zoom model in the NIKKOR Z S-Line series*1 of lenses, delivers outstanding resolution from maximum aperture while thoroughly reducing color bleeding and fringing. Despite being a super-telephoto lens that covers a broad focal-length range, it achieves the shortest minimum focus distance of 0.75 m in its class*2 at the maximum wide-angle position. The NIKKOR Z 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 VR S also realizes the lightest weight of approx. 1,355 g in its class*2, enabling it to be carried around for a long period of time with less burden. As well as this, it employs "Inner Balance Technology*3" — a first for Nikon models, that significantly reduces shifting of the center of gravity when zooming in and out. With its high performance and operability, this lens is certain to stimulate both advanced amateurs' and professional photographers' creativity.

The NIKKOR Z 24-120mm f/4 S, a 5x standard zoom lens that is also a part of the S-Line series of high-resolution NIKKOR Z lenses, achieves sharp rendering with reduced color bleeding. It covers a wide focal-length range at a constant f/4 aperture, attaining beautiful rendering utilizing large bokeh, especially in the telephoto range, for both stills and videos. In addition, the NIKKOR Z 24-120mm f/4 S achieves the lightest weight of approx. 630 g in its class*4, resulting in greatly enhanced portability. Its high maximum reproduction ratio of 0.39x at the maximum telephoto position lets users shoot subjects in large size. This lens will support advanced amateurs and professionals with its outstanding power of expression for a variety of scenes, from exquisite rendering of plants and insects to travel, street snaps, and weddings.

The Mount Adapter FTZ II is designed for Nikon D-SLR users who own NIKKOR F lenses. It allows them to continue using those assets with Nikon's Z mount system as much as possible. By removing the tripod mounting collar from the Mount Adapter FTZ (released in September 2018), the new adapter provides a streamlined design with minimal projections and lighter weight, ensuring stable holding in vertical shooting as well as unobstructed pairing with various accessories. It supports use of approx. 360 types of NIKKOR F lenses from AI type onwards, while shooting with AF/AE*5 and VR*6 is also available with compatible lenses.

Nikon will continue to pursue a new dimension in optical performance while meeting users' needs, contributing to the development of imaging culture, with the hope of expanding possibilities for imaging expression.

Primary features of the NIKKOR Z 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 VR S

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Primary features of the NIKKOR Z 24-120mm f/4 S

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