Responding to Environmental Issues


Recently, there has been growing recognition that climate change and other environmental issues constitute urgent problems for the world as a whole. A number of international frameworks aimed at building a sustainable society have been put into place, such as the SDGs and the COP 21 Paris Agreement. As a result, companies are expected to play a much bigger role than ever before in terms of their environmental management.

Responsible Officer's Message

The Nikon Group positions the realization of a low-carbon society, a resource-circulating society, and a healthy and environmentally-safe society as the Group's Long-term Environmental Vision, and promotes various activities aimed at the realization of this Vision. Besides reducing the carbon dioxide emissions generated by manufacturing facilities, Nikon is also working to reduce the environmental impact of its operations by utilizing Nikon's technology capabilities to make development and production processes more efficient, to enhance the efficient utilization of energy and other resources, and to reduce the amount of waste generated. Striving to contribute to the realization of the “2℃ target” (which aims to keep the rise in average global temperature down to below two degrees centigrade compared to the situation prior to the Industrial Revolution), Nikon is implementing measures that include the setting of science-based targets (SBTs) and the effective utilization of low carbon electric power and other forms of low carbon energy (including renewable energy).

Takumi Odajima
Senior Vice President and Director
General Manager of Human Resources & Administration Division
Chairperson of the Environmental Committee

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Nikon Sustainability Report

For more details, please see the Nikon Sustainability Report.

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