Environmental Strategy

Long-Term Environmental Vision and Medium- Term Environmental Goals

To proactively address environmental risks and regulations, we formulated the Nikon Long-Term Environmental Vision, which looks ahead to the fiscal year ending March 2051. The Nikon Long-Term Environmental Vision comprises three pillars believed to be particularly important in consideration of the global situation and the characteristics of Nikon’s business, which uses limited resources to manufacture and sell products. We will continue to strive for achievement of carbon neutrality throughout the supply chain by fiscal 2050 with respect to Realizing a decarbonized society. These three pillars are linked with our materiality and with the Nikon Medium-Term Environmental Goals, for which the fiscal year ending March 2031 is the target year.
In the fiscal year ended March 2022, we formulated a roadmap for achieving the Nikon Medium-Term Environmental Goals. This roadmap clarifies the work we need to do and how far we need to go by the fiscal year ending March 2026, making the path to achieving our goals more concrete.

Environmental Action Plan

Based on the Sustainability Policy and the Nikon Environmental Activity Policy, the Nikon Group has formulated the Nikon Long-Term Environmental Vision and the Nikon Medium-Term Environmental Goals and has established the Environmental Action Plan as a single-year target. We are implementing this plan across the entire Nikon Group. We clarify the relationship between the environment and our business activities and then make an accurate assessment of the impacts and risks posed to the environment and use this information to prioritize these goals and plans.
The Environmental Subcommittee deliberates on and approves performance self-evaluations, and we review our action plans for the next year and thereafter based on the issues that are identified by the Subcommittee.

Nikon Long-Term Environmental Vision (Target period: fiscal year ending March 31, 2051):Realizing a Healthy and Realizing Realizing a Resource, Environmentally a Decarbonized Society Circulating Society, Safe Society / Nikon Medium-Term Environmental Goals [Summary](Target period: fiscal year ending March 31, 2031): Formulate company targets in line with the goal of keeping the rise in average global temperature within 1.5℃, Formulate company targets in response to the issue of resource depletion, Realize appropriate management and reduction of hazardous chemical substances used in production processes or contained in products / Environmental Action Plan (Each year's goals) / Divisional goals and concrete activities

Participation in Environmental Initiatives

By participating in international initiatives, Nikon accelerates our own initiatives within the Nikon Group, while also influencing government and society.

Sustainability Report

For more information, refer to Environmental Strategy and Environmental Management Promotion System in the Sustainability Report.

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